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Update, August 1, 2010

This update only took about a year to make, but so much happens so fast, that it is hard to keep up, sometimes.

On this web site, I'd had several BMW Z3 and 328is DIY writeups. Due to the aging nature of the cars, I'll only be including a couple items that have been specifically requested.

We recently returned from the 2010 issue of Crater Cruize, where we drove around Crater Lake with about 15 Z'ers from all over. It was a gas, and the Pig Roast that Z3BigDaddy and his family put on was outstanding!

Over Labor Day weekend, we are going to ZFest, in SoCal. It is a substitute Homecoming that we went to in 2004. BMW pu on Homecoming at the factory in So. Carolina for 12 years, but stopped making the Z Cars there, so declined to host it any longer.

We've been intending to drive Route 66 for the last couple summers, but our plans keep having to change for life's little curve balls. We are going to really try for 2011. Don't see any curves coming, well, yet anyways!

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